Printing Can Be Green

Printing Can Be Green

Paper Carry Bags

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For this product, please Contact Forest Print directly to find out more about pricing and options. Together we’ll work out exactly what you need, and then Forest Print will put your plan into action.

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Take the environmental printing alternative for your business’s recycled paper carry bags: Forest Print!

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How great would it be to offer your customers an environmentally friendly recycled paper carry bag after they make a purchase at your shop? Forest Print specialises in printing exciting designs and business logos onto green paper carry bags. We even use natural vegetable inks to print your bright colours! We have a wide range of paper carry bag options, including bags with paper twist handles, rope handles, laminated (shiny/glossy or matt) bags, and paper supermarket bags. If so desired, you can even get 100% print coverage on your customised carry bags! Paper carry bags are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, as they are biodegradable. They also look great! Made from heavy-duty paper, you’ll never need to worry about these bags breaking, and folded side gussets allow for additional carrying capacity. Forest Print has a wide range of bag sizes to choose from, ranging from very small sample or jewellery style bags, all the way up to large ‘grocery bags’. We also have a large number of coloured paper bags to choose from. Laminated paper carry bags are a fancy and stylish option for boutique retailers, and are often used by brand name clothing shops and other stores selling high-end items. High quality paper is coated in either a matt or glossy finish, and you can then choose whether you’d like specific coloured bag handles, and/or reinforced bag bottoms. Basic paper carry bags, recycled paper carry bags, paper gift bags, paper sample bags, paper supermarket bags, glossy paper bags, personalised paper bags, paper promotional bags, rope-handled paper carry bags… No matter what you need, the team at Forest Print has got you covered. Contact us now and before you know it your business will be making a statement – both in terms of your dedication to the preservation of the environment, and in how stylish your brand truly is!

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