Printing Can Be Green

Printing Can Be Green

Hang Tags

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For this product, please Contact Forest Print directly to find out more about pricing and options. Together we’ll work out exactly what you need, and then Forest Print will put your plan into action.

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Great hang tags help tell a story about your brand. We create green paper hang tags in the size, shape, and colour you desire.

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When you own a business and need Hang Tags for your products, look no further than Forest Print. Whether it’s a green printing option, or a standard print service, we can design and print the Hang Tags you need. There are so many different products being sold in the world, and each one deserves a Hang Tag to suits its brand’s unique style, as well as the item itself. Forest Print’s custom Hang Tags will suit any item from an electric guitar, to a leather jacket, to a floor lamp. How about car Hang Tags, wedding Hang Tags, or boutique Hang Tags? 

Whichever shape Hang Tag you like, Forest Print will use its premium quality full colour printing on both the front and back sides, plus we’ll punch holes just the way you like them. As with all of our digital printing services, we can laminate your Hang Tags with either a matt aqueous layer, or a glossy UV coating. Of course Forest Print also has environmental printing Hang Tag options. 

Forest Print specialises in providing high quality customer service, so you can feel as though the entire printing process is achieved through a team effort. We won’t quit until our client is satisfied because we know the only way to grow a forest is to first nurture the seeds of the trees, one by one. 

Need Hang Tag printing Australia? Experts with the quickest turnaround possible will print your Hang Tags. High quality Hang Tags at ‘cheap printing’ prices. Printing for business with environmental printing options. It must be Forest Print!

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