Printing Can Be Green

Printing Can Be Green


Forest Print is skilled at creating high quality offset and digital printing products all across Australia. We are dedicated to having the fastest turnaround time possible for your printed products.

Throughout the entire printing process, and in as few days as possible, from graphic design right through to delivery of your product, Forest Print does its utmost to make the ordering experience as easy as possible for our valued customers.

The Forest Print website is owned by Forest Printing & Trading Pty Ltd (ABN 16 159 336 142). Please endeavour to read the Forest Print website’s Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and this Disclaimer before using the website. By accessing the Forest Print website’s other webpages you are indicating you have read, understood, and have agreed with the Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Website Disclaimer.

Forest Print Website Disclaimer

If any damage or interference to your computer and its associated systems occurs when using this website or another website accessed via this website, Forest Print is not liable to you, or to any other private or public entity.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to take precautions to make sure any aspect of the website that you choose to use is free of viruses and/or any other computer or internet malware that could result in damage or interference with the operation of your computer systems. We do not guarantee that your use of this website will be error free, nor do we warrant that any interruptions or defects will be rectified.

Under no circumstances will Forest Print be liable for any indirect, incidental, inconsequential, and/or special loss of profits or damages that result from use or access of (or inability to use/access of) the Forest Print website. This includes, but is not limited to, any action or omission done by Forest Print in relation to this website.

The undertaking of customer orders is subject to credit approval and factors such as acts of God, fire, water damage, staff strikes, theft, vandalism, and other reasons beyond Forest Print’s control. When a customer cancels an order, financial compensation will be required for incurred costs and related duties.

When a customer order is made, its specifications are based solely on the accuracy of information and instructions provided to Forest Print. Please use the opportunity to review each and every specific aspect of your order before it is placed. The Forest Print ‘Order Confirmation’ page summarises every detail relating to a particular order. Always print a hard copy of this page for your own records.

The parties involved in each business transaction will set and follow production schedules. If for whatever reason the production schedule is not complied with (as a result of actions or inaction by any of the associated parties), delivery dates will be subject to renegotiation.

Forest Print will not have any liability or face any penalty for production delays caused by acts of God, actions of civil or government authorities, staff strikes, accidents, fire, war, riot, civil disorder, or any other cause that is out of Forest Print’s control. In cases such as these, production schedules will be extended by the amount of time equal to the delay that occurred.

Forest Print does not take any responsibility for artwork errors caused by a customer’s supplied artwork not complying with our recommended ‘Artwork Specifications’. Printing errors made by Forest Print will result in a replacement or refund.

As an online printing company, we accept both Windows and Mac OS electronic-based artwork, which must have its associated proofs attached. Artwork sent by FTP or email requires a proof to be faxed to the Forest Print office. Forest Print prices and quotes include plates, films, stock, and printing. Creation of artwork and designs by our graphic design department, typesetting, scanning, and downloads incur additional charges. New customers must pay in full or part payment, or complete a credit application before work can begin.

All printing orders made on the Forest Print website must be placed in conjunction with a submission of ‘press ready’ electronic artwork. Said artwork is required to be set-up in accordance with the ‘Artwork Specifications’ located in the ‘Print Support’ section of the website.

Artwork that does not comply with these specifications will need to be re-quoted, and the previous printing price for the product in question will be disregarded. Where new artwork needs to be created, or if supplied artwork is incomplete, quotes will be subject to change (incomplete art will be requoted upon viewing of the supplied material). All author additions and/or corrections to artwork will also incur appropriate extra charges.

Forest Print Colour Disclaimer

Forest Print takes an exceptional level of care when matching colours to our customers’ artworks. However, please be aware that in rare instances offset printing can result in marginal variations in colour. A 100% exact colour match is not always possible to achieve. Stand-alone printing jobs (printing done in isolation, not as a single job amongst many consecutive projects) have a greater chance of achieving extremely accurate colour matches, but this method of printing is not always an option, and often incurs much higher printing charges.

Grouping together a number of offset printing jobs allows for economies of scale, which means Forest Print can supply a lower cost to the customer, as well as faster turnaround of the printed product. Printing with PMS colour numbers for non-CMYK or Pantone jobs also results in a very high level of colour matching, but 100% colour consistency can never be guaranteed.


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