Printing Can Be Green

Printing Can Be Green


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Be environmentally friendly! Printing brochures on green paper using full-colour vegetable inks is Forest Print’s speciality.

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Brochures are an excellent way to showcase your business in a format that is less elaborate than a booklet, but often seen as being more professional than a flyer or simple catalogue. Forest Print offers numerous ways to fold your brochure, as well as a range of different green paper stocks, various layout options, paper sizes, and laminate varnishes.

 There are so many different types of brochures in the world. You can explain your company’s mission and vision, let clients know your full history, explain the story behind your brand, show off new products, or define your business’s voice by offering a few choice bits of wisdom and fun. Incorporate images, designs, and graphs to bring your stories to life.

 The best brochures have concise, interesting headlines that grab people’s eyes. They’re easy to read, often using bullet points and short paragraphs, and everything you do on the brochure pushes prospective customers towards a call to action. Don’t forget to offer a discounted price or special offer to anyone that calls after reading the brochure!

 Multi-page business brochures are one of the most popular ways in which companies promote their products or services, so if you’re printing for business, why not add to your brand by printing brochures that are eco friendly? Our professional printing team uses only the highest quality materials and equipment, so although your full colour brochures will look out of this world, they won’t cost the earth, and they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

 Need A4 or A5 brochures? How about 4-page, 6-page, or 8-page brochures? What about tri-fold brochures with both sides printed in full colour, then scored or perforated? Forest Print does it all.

 Intending on using large amounts of coloured ink on each panel? You might like to add a glossy or matt finish to seal the paper’s surface. This ensures the ink will never smudge or rub off onto an opposing page. Want to make your new brochure a ‘fridge brochure’? Forest Print’s wide range of Magnet Tabs will get the job done. Contact Forest Print now to see just how far recycled paper printing has come!

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