Printing Can Be Green

Printing Can Be Green

Car Door Magnets

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Driving around town can be a marketing strategy! Forest Print full-colour car door magnets turn your vehicle into a sign on wheels.

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Most people in Australia spend a lot of time driving around in their car. Unknown to many of us, this is actually an opportunity to market your business in a wide range of locations – you never know where you’re going to travel, and so new eyes will inevitably be around to read your business’s car door magnets. 

Using its advanced printing technologies, Forest Print can create a full-colour photographic quality car door magnet for your business, thus increasing brand awareness wherever you choose to drive. We only use the highest quality magnet materials, so you can rest assured the intense Australian heat and inclement weather won’t harm your magnet, its accompanying image, or the car’s paintwork beneath. 

Custom sizes and shapes are not an issue at Forest Print – we aim to please our customers, and so no project is deemed too difficult or impossible. From a single car’s worth of magnets to an entire fleet, Forest Print is happy to accommodate your needs. You can provide us with a design, or our graphic designers are happy to create one that is sure to catch the public’s eye.

 Businesses aren’t the only ones using car door magnets these days. Australians are now using car magnets to advertise their schools, clubs, churches, sports organisations, and charities. Build team spirit by showing the team flag of who you barrack for, or let people know you’re proud to have studied at a specific school. If it is your business, you can even have more than one magnet on your vehicle – have a couple with your business name, phone number, and web address, and another with a slogan designed to stick in their heads!

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