Printing Can Be Green

Printing Can Be Green

Forest Print Privacy Policy

This website is owned by Forest Printing & Trading Pty Ltd (ABN 16 159 336 142). To achieve Forest Print’s high level of service, it is necessary for us to acquire and store relevant information about our customers. Forest Print is committed to protecting the personal information given to us by our current and prospective clientele in accordance with Australian privacy laws – Privacy Act 1988.

The Forest Print Privacy Policy has been created to show our customers how their personal information is collected and used on our website. We also show you the security measures we’ve put in place in order to ensure that unauthorised access and distribution of your data is prevented.

Your Agreement to the Forest Print Privacy Policy

Please make sure to read this Privacy Policy carefully before using the Forest Print website. By accessing the website’s other webpages you are indicating that you have read, understood, and have agreed with the acquisition and use of your personal information as so defined within this Privacy Policy.

In this policy, the term ‘personal information’ is used with the same meaning as defined in the Privacy Act. This Privacy Policy solely applies to the Forest Print website. As our website may contain external hyperlinks to other businesses, we claim no responsibility for the privacy policies of these other websites. Forest Print suggests you review the privacy policies of these websites when choosing to visit them.

At Forest Print we will need to collect personal information such as:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • Fax number(s)
  • Occupation
  • Transaction information (For example, credit card details) directly related with your purchase(s) from Forest Print.
  • Any miscellaneous information provided by you in the course of our business interactions.
  • Any miscellaneous information provided by you via customer surveys and/or polls.
  • Any miscellaneous information provided by you about Forest Print products or services that you may be interested in using.

Forest Print ‘Cookies’

Forest Print uses ‘cookies’ to keep track of customer activity on our website. Cookies are tiny data files that travel from the Forest Print website to your computer’s browser to then be stored on your hard drive. If you come to our website on more than one occasion, your ‘cookie’ will provide us with a summary of what you’ve previously done on the site (E.G. which pages you visited), as well as any personal preferences you’ve chosen.

We use ‘cookies’ so that we can tailor the experience on our website according to your unique needs. Your cookie may change over time, as subsequent visits to the Forest Print website commonly result in you using new or different functions. Each time you visit Forest Print’s website our computer server may deliver specific information based on what is stored in your cookie.

Cookies help us provide a better service to Forest Print clients, as well as improving overall management of the website. A cookie’s data does not identify you personally, but it does inform us about where you’ve been browsing, and how often you’ve visited the website. Forest Print cookies are not used to acquire or store your personal information.

Acquiring Personal Information

Forest Print collects personal information so we can help tailor your experience on our website to suit your unique needs. As we acquire this information we come to know the products and services you deem interesting. Then, we can present you with relevant items. Understanding your ordering needs and patterns of navigation helps us to streamline user experience, which results in a quicker and easier ordering process.

How much data we acquire depends on the extent to which you use Forest Print’s on-site services, as well as whether or not you provide us with your personal information when placing an online order.

Forest Print acquires your personal information:

  • When you make a purchase, deal with us directly, or require information from us.
  • When you use or request information from our website.
  • When you partake in a customer poll, survey, competition, or promotion run by our company, or by one of our associated partners.

Forest Print may use your personal information for reasons including (but not limited to):

  • Offering you special promotions and events;
  • Helping us to provide our products and/or services to you;
  • Internal company administration, account management, marketing, planning, product/service research and development;
  • Improving the function and navigation of our website and/or notification of Forest Print website updates;
  • Helping us to produce print media, including but not limited to graphic design, typesetting, processing of data, and printing;
  • Allowing Forest Print to organise third-party services (E.G. postal delivery), so that we can complete your required transaction and provide you with the products and/or services you’ve purchased.

Forest Print will not share your personal information with any other person or company, except within temporary and confidential situations, for example when using associated businesses (E.G. mail/courier services). This is done only within the ordinary operation of our business. When your information has been shared with said third party, Forest Print will ensure they protect it.

Forest Print uses your information to complete your business transaction. We will never rent, sell, or trade customer information to other businesses, and we won’t market to you unless we’ve received your implied or expressed consent.


Forest Print is dedicated to, and takes all necessary steps to ensure our customers’ personal information is protected and secured against unauthorised disclosure, loss, misuse, or modification. All Forest Print data is stored behind state-of-the-art security devices and firewalls, and is transmitted using encrypted protocols. We’ll only hold your personal information for as long as Australian law requires. Forest Print also has strict internal communication policies regarding staff access to private customer data.

Please note: No data transmission over the internet is 100% secure, so any information you send via the internet (email included) is done at your own risk.

User Authentication

Forest Print ensures only authorised staff members have access to your personal website interface. Each customer is provided with a unique username login and password. We recommend you regularly change your password. Please notify Forest Print immediately if you believe unauthorised use of your login information or any breach in security has occurred.

Your rights of access and correction – Contact Forest Print

The Privacy Act (1988) obliges Forest Print to provide personal information that has been acquired, used, or disclosed, if the customer so requires it (since legislation passed on Dec.21, 2001). If you have any questions relating to your privacy on the Forest Print website, or you would like to access your personal information currently held by Forest Print, please contact:

RE: Forest Print – Privacy Policy

Forest Printing & Trading Pty Ltd

10 Dunstan St, Clayton, VIC, 3168


Phone: +61 3 8638 3842; FAX: +61 3 8638 3843


You are not required to provide a reason for requesting said access. This access is subject to specific exceptions allowed by law. If you believe the personal information we hold about you is erroneous or incomplete, you may request an amendment.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Forest Print reserves the right to modify this policy without prior notification, including when required to do so by Australian legislation. As customers are legally bound by these conditions, we recommend website visitors check this page on a periodic basis.